What’s in My School Bag?

For most of us, school has already started. I am curious by nature, and What’s in My Bag? posts and videos are always something I enjoy watching/reading.

What's in My School Bag?

This is why I today I decided to do a school edition and share with you what I carry every day in my school bag!

school bag

I have had this Roxy school bag for two years now. I bought it when I started cegepĀ and I really like it! I like the colorful tribal-like pattern that goes with basically any outfit and the pockets that allow me to have extra carrying space! The straps are comfortable and the price was reasonable, so I am happy!

You might have figured out that the school supplies that I bring dependĀ on what class I have that day, but here are a few essentials that you can always find in my bag!

Pencil case // Of course, that’s an essential school supply! I need my pencils, my colorful pens, my white-out, erasers and highlighters, and that, no matter what class I have that day. If I want to take notes (which I do), I need to have something to write with!

pencil case

Loose-leaf sheets // I am usually more of a notebook person, but I like having a few loose-leaf sheets ready to use at hand’s reach. You never know when your teacher might surprise you with an exercise or a test that need to be handed in at the end of the class! I’m also using them to take complementary notes to the ones teachers have produced at our disposal.

Planner // That is the school supply by excellence! I write all my assignments and homework in there, but I also use it for personal matters such as work and blogging. I need to have it with me at all times; my life is literally in there! I’d be lost and confused without one.

planner 2015-2016

iPad or eReader // Depending on whether the book I’m reading is on my iPad or my Kobo Glo, I like to carry it with me at all times! I do at least 30-45 minutes of bus transportation every day, so having a book with me helps pass the time. I also like having my iPad at reach so I can check up my email and social media in between classes or during the break.

iPod // Unless I’m with a friend, I always listen to music when I’m on the bus. I have a playlist that I keep on repeat, but sometimes I will put my entire library on random and see what shows up! I also walk a little from my house to the bus stop and music makes the walking more interesting.

Phone // I’m not the type of person who is dependent of her phone, but I always carry it with me in case I want to meet up with my friends in between classes or if I have an emergency.

Hand moisturizer // I only recently started using hand cream and ever since, I can’t live without it! I don’t know what is with me lately, but my hands have been super dry, so I have been using this hand balm several times a day to keep them moisturized.

ombra hand care balm

Keys // Since I’m the last one to leave the house in the morning and am often the first one to get back after classes, I need my keys to lock and unlock the house.

Glasses case // I don’t need to wear my glasses 24/7, but when I’m in class, I like to wear them. It makes the teacher’s PowerPoint presentation or whatever they’re projecting on screen a lot clearer and it makes me more efficient in class. Note taking becomes easier and I have more energy throughout the class. But to be able to wear my glasses, I need to carry them in a glasses case if I don’t want them to break.

glasses ray-banyves saint-laurent glasses case

What are your school bag essentials?