Summer 2016 Semester Goals

Another semester is over! I just finished my last exam, and I feel so good! I can’t believe it’s already the end. It went by so fast! I’m not to sad to say goodbye to this semester’s classes, ha!

As I’m a in a cooperative program at uni, where I will be alternating internships and classes, I am required to have summer semesters. My internships will only start next winter, but everyone who is a communication major has to take summer classes, in order to finish our degree on time.

Summer 2016 Semester Goals

So I will be going to uni for another semester, starting May 2nd, until the very end of the month of July. I’m not too excited, but some of my classes seem quite interesting, so that’s not too bad. 😉 Thank God I have the entire month of August off from uni though! Once again, I thought the best way to kick off the semester was to set myself some goals for the next 3 months!

Winter goals to reflect upon

First, I thought it would be a great idea to recap my former goals and see how they went!

Read my winter semester goals!

Maintain or increase my grades // I have been able to more or less maintain the average I had last semester. It’s a bit lower than it was last semester, but not by much. I was afraid that I wouldn’t do as good, especially at the beginning of the semester, but I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. I worked really hard towards the end of the semester and that showed in my grades. I even made the dean’s list!

Get involved in at least one extracurricular // I tried. I really did! At the beginning of the semester, I emailed the editor in chief of our newspaper at uni. I have been thinking or becoming a journalist, so I thought having some journalism experience wouldn’t hurt. She emailed me back, added me to the on-going Facebook group for collaborators and never talked to me again! Honestly, while I’m disappointed it didn’t work out, I’m kind of glad that I didn’t have extracurriculars to add to my already busy schedule. I was barely able to make it out alive this semester (just kidding), so having one more thing to handle would have probably been disastrous! However, I’d love to be able to add one to my resume next semester or during the fall one!

Make one new friend // Done! And I’m proud to say that I have not only made one friend, but two! Now, I wouldn’t call them my new BFFs, but I’m at least comfortable enough with them to ask them if I have any questions about an assignment or an exam (thank God I had a friend for one of my midterms because I had lost my notes for one class!). I’m also comfortable enough to talk about topics outside of college. We haven’t hung out outside of class (aside for doing assignments), but at least I have friends to turn to when it comes to doing team work (which I hate, but college seems real fond of)!

Start working out // Well, that was an epic fail. HA! Each semester, I tell myself that I must start working out, going to the gym and blablabla, but I never end up doing it. Here’s the thing: I hate working out. I don’t like to sweat, pant and making too much of an effort (that’s the kind of lazy girl I am). So I don’t know why I keep pushing myself to do things I don’t like. But still, I know how important health is and that working out is part of what you have to do to stay healthy. Maybe I just haven’t found the right sport/kind of workout for me just yet?

Keep a steady blogging schedule // I tried. I really did. It simply didn’t work out for me. I guess I wasn’t too serious with it to begin with. I didn’t write it down anywhere and didn’t even try to post on regular basis. But that’s really something I’m trying to work on!

Goals for the new semester

I decided not to push myself too hard next semester. I just want to get good grades (like I always do) and enjoy myself as much as I can for the next three month! I know I’ll be quite busy between work and classes, so I didn’t want to add too much stuff to my already loaded schedule.

Make a friend in each of my classes // Now that I was able to make one new friend is one of my class, it’s time to step it up! Making friends can be really helpful when it’s time to choose teams for projects or when you lose some of your class notes and you have to study for an exam (happened to me last semester: not cool!). College is supposed to be one of the best life experience, so I want to make sure I enjoy it to the fullest! And it cannot hurt to make a few connections! 😉

Keep a steady blogging schedule // This time, I’m going to do it for real! I know I will be working every weekend this summer and I’ll have classes from Monday to Thursday, so I’ll have to stay organized if I want to make it out alive! haha

Practice my Spanish // As you may know, I’m a former language student. Sadly, I haven’t really had to practise my Spanish (or my German, for that matter) ever since I got out of Cegep. I’d like to immerse myself into that language again so I don’t completely forget it! I have a friend who is Mexican, so I’d like to practise conversing with her!

VoilĂ ! Let’s hope this semester will not go too hard on me… I’m already longing for summer break!

 How did your winter/spring semester go? Did you reach your goals?


  • I completely understand the working out thing! I’ve desperately been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and lately it’s been working! I’m totally with you on the hating the sweat thing. I’ve found that getting up before class and working out by doing whatever is closest to me, then going home and showering right away works best! So like if you live right across from the gym head over there and run on the elliptical for a half hour. If you’re not close to the gym, just walk or run around the block or do some exercise videos on YouTube! Build up your workouts too. The first time I tried running after a while of not running, I could barely run a single block. No shame in that though! Make working out a comfortable thing that may not be enjoyable but feels productive and healthy for you!

    -Meagan (

    • Thanks for your tips!

  • Wow I like how you actually set goals for yourself as I normally do things as and when I wished too đŸ˜» Admire your determination and thanks for sharing your goals with us Amelie 💋💋

    Love, Aldora

    • I find that setting goals to myself helps me stay motivated! I hate nit knowing where I’m going, so having goals helps with that!

  • Well done for achieving some of your goals! Have an amazing summer! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your semester xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

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  • Wow! I love your goals! They seem really well-organized and very viable. Haha, I agree with your working out one because that’s exactly the case with me. lol I tried to tell myself to go jogging at least once a week but ended up staying indoors or making excuses for not going. 😛 Good luck on all of your goals!

    • Thank you! Now let’s see if I can reach them 😉