How to Spend a Day in Liverpool

I just couldn’t come to England and not visit the Beatles’ city. I mean, that would be crazy, right? I may not be the Beatles’ biggest fan, but I would have felt like I was missing on an important part of England if I hadn’t been to Liverpool. (It’s as if saying that you visited all of England except for London – that’s just silly!)

You cannot come to England and not visit Liverpool. It's the Beatles' city! Click through to find out how you can spend a day in Liverpool.

We almost didn’t make it to Liverpool because we were hesitating between that and York, but I’m so glad we decided against it! (Though I do hope that I’ll get to visit York too!) Liverpool ended up being one of my favorite cities we’ve been to so far. Sadly, we didn’t get to spend that much time there (we were only there for a couple of hours), but we were still able to see everything we wanted to see.

So, how do you spend a day in Liverpool?

How to get there

Liverpool is a bit up north, close to Manchester. It took us about 4 hours to get there from London by train, but it was a very smooth ride. If, like us, you’re traveling from London, you’ll have to take a first train to Manchester Piccadilly, and then take another to Liverpool Lime Street. The train ride from Manchester to Liverpool is about 50 minutes long. If you plan on flying, there’s an airport in Manchester and a small one in Liverpool.

What to do

As soon as we arrived in Liverpool, I was stricken by how cute it was. I know I’ve said that about every city I’ve been to so far, but I really do mean it! The city is the perfect mix of old and new. You’ll find cute cobblestone streets with old buildings, Greek-style architecture as well as skyscrapers. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t seen it, but it reminded me a lot of London, actually!

The Beatles Story Museum

So, if there’s only one thing you absolutely must do while you’re in Liverpool, it’s visiting the Beatles Story museum. Fan of the Beatles or not, this museum tells you everything you need to know about the boyband and international sensation. As I mentioned earlier, I myself am not that much of a Beatles fan (shame on me, I know), but I really enjoyed my experience at the museum. Each room is decorated to recreate an important part of the Beatles’ history, and as you make your way around the museum, you’ll learn a little more about the quartet. I absolutely loved how each room was set and how they literally make you walk through the Beatles’ story, from the very beginning until the very end.

I personally highly recommend you take the audio guide. It’s included in your entrance fee, and it’ll teach you a ton of fun fact about the Beatles that would otherwise not be explained in the museum. Yes, it’s a little bit long (it took us nearly two hours to tour the museum completely!), but the additional info really makes the whole experience more fun.

You also have to stop by the gift shop! They have everything you could possibly want. I personally went for this Beatles Umbrella Sweatshirt (*I know it’s currently unavailable – I’m so sorry! I guess you’re going to have to go to Beatles Story 😉 ) and I love it! I think it’s super cute and I love the pop of color of the umbrellas!

Pier Head

Then, I would recommend continuing your visit to Pier Head! Not only will you see the “Three Graces” aka The Royal Liver BuildingThe Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building, but you’ll also get to see a pretty cool statue of the Beatles! Of course, we add to stop for a picture.

The pier also offers a nice view of the city’s skyline and holds many museums, including the Museum of Liverpool (for a history of the city), Merseyside Maritime Museum (to learn more about the sea and the making of the Titanic) and the Tate Liverpool (for modern art). As we arrived quite late and really wanted to do the Beatles Story museum, we didn’t have time to visit either of those, but I heard they’re all pretty great! I guess I’ll have to go back to explore. 😉

Albert Dock

While you’re on the pier (it’s definitely where the action is at in Liverpool, to be honest!), I would recommend checking out the Albert Dock. It’s Liverpool’s number one tourist attraction and the most visited multi-use attraction outside of London! The Albert Dock is also a UNESCO world heritage site, and the view is definitely worth it! You’ll find many restaurants and shops as well as two hotels!

Liverpool One

If you’re more of a shopping kind of gal, there is only one place for you, and that is: Liverpool One. It’s the main shopping hub of the city. You’ll find every shop you could imagine, and not only in the mall itself! The street surrounding Liverpool One also hold some of your favorite stores like Forever 21 (who knew they had this in England?), Lush, H&M, and Primark, to name only a few! This part of the city reminded me a lot of Manhattan and London, with the clean wide streets and pretty shops!

We were also very happy to see that Liverpool was already ready for Christmas.

Superlambanana sculpture

We should probably have started our day in Liverpool by seeing the Superlambana sculpture. You will see them all over the city in different sizes and colors, but this one is the first and main one. By the way, this is the full address: 79 Tithebarn St, Liverpool L2 2ER, UK.

Also worth mentioning…

That’s all we were able to see and do on our day in Liverpool! But the truth is, if we’d arrive a little earlier and hadn’t stopped for tea and pastries when we first arrived, we probably would have add a little more time in the city to explore. So if you arrive a little early and are very productive, you could also see:

  • The Liverpool Cathedral is apparently very beautiful, and if you climb it, you’ll get a great view of the city. Of course, if you’re like us and you’ve already seen 134654 cathedrals all over England, you might want to skip it to spend more time at the museum. #sorrynotsorry
  • The place where the Beatles began – Cavern Club. The Beatles played there no less than 295 times!
  • The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is, yes, another cathedral, but this one is different. The architecture is very modern and different from your plain old regular cathedrals, with a stained glass ceiling!
  • Honestly, if we’d had time for another museum, I would have liked to visit the British Music Experience. It’s a new museum in Liverpool that takes you through decades of British music in what seems to be a very interactive way. It sounds like a pretty awesome museum and I’m sure I would have loved to learn more about British music!

Just like in any other city, I’d definitely recommend just walking around and exploring. There’s no better way to get to know a new city!

  • Liverpool looks gorgeous! I didn’t get a chance to visit there when I was in the UK but if I go back I’d love to! My dad would love the Beatles Story Museum!

    Lauren //

    • It really is! I think it might be one of my favorite cities so far! I think everyone would enjoy the Beatles Story Museum! I’m not that big a fan of the Beatles and I still really liked it! It’s such a fun experience.

  • I love this travel diary! Liverpool is on my bucket list for sure!!

    • Aw, thank you Olivia! And it definitely should be! It’s such an amazing city! I wish I could have stayed longer.

  • Nocnoc

    There are direct trains from London to Liverpool and it only takes 2 hours. London Euston to Liverpool Lime street on Virgin trains

    • Oh that’s awesome, I wasn’t aware! When I booked my tickets, all trains were stopping at Manchester (including Virgin trains). I guess it depends when you leave!