How to Reach Your Goals + 2017 Goals Recap

I’ll admit it, ever since I’ve started this internship, I’ve been pretty bad at keeping my goals for the new year. I’ve been so focused on surviving now that I’m living on my own and kick ass at this internship that I’ve lost sight of my goals (and most of my goals were blog-centered, as I thought 2017 would finally be “the year of the blog”).

After my traffic has skyrocketed in December and January, I thought that it would easy-peasy to reach all of the goals I had set at the beginning of the year.


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February rapidly brought me back to reality. My stats have dropped, and I’ve let the blog (among other things) to the side. I feel like my internship is stealing all of my energy, motivation, and creativity. And I’m not proud of that.

Am I the only one who ever felt like life was getting in the way of my goals?

But today, this stops. I’m regaining control of my life, and I’m more motivated than ever to reach my goals! So I’m teaching you to do the same, in the hope that you’ll be able to reach your goals, too!

Divide your bigger goals into smaller ones.

The first step to being able to reach your bigger goals is breaking them down into smaller, more realistic ones. Bigger goals can be hard to reach, which can lead you to get discouraged and abandon them. So to remain motivated, you need to divide your bigger goals into smaller, more attainable ones.

With yearly goals, it’s easy. You can break them down according to the timeframe. I like to divide my yearly social media goals, for example, by month. Therefore, I fix an amount I’d like to reach by the end of the month, and it becomes a lot easier and within my reach, which keeps me motivated. So, work around whatever timeframe you have for your goals. You can break your biggers life goals by week, month or even years! It really all depends on what you’re hoping to reach. Focus on taking smaller steps, and you’ll reach your goals in no time! You won’t even realize you’ve reached the finish line. 😉

Breaking down your goals also allows you to look back and adjust if need be. Sometimes, you realize that what you had hoped might not be realistic at all. And it’s okay to change what you want and what you’re aiming for. Take a step back and rethink your goal. It’s better to reach a smaller milestone than get discouraged.

Use the SMART method.

You’ve probably heard it thousands of times before, but I will say it again: When building your goals, make sure you are using the SMART method. What is the SMART method? Only the best way to ensure you’ll be able to reach your goals! The SMART method recommends that you set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-sensitive. The meaning of each letter changes depending on the author, but it basically all comes down to the same thing.

You have already set your goals and have not used the SMART method? Don’t worry! You can rephrase your goals so that they use the method, or you can simply use the SMART method for your smaller goals! Either way, make sure to remember the acronym. I swear, it makes all the difference in the world.

For instance, a goal that is “I want to lose weight.” could be changed to “I want to lose 5 pounds by eating five healthy meals every week and working out three times a week by the end of the month.”. Like this, your goal is specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-sensitive. Try it with your goals!

Set a reward.

You must know by now how much of a fan of the reward system I am. I use it all the time! Whenever I feel a little deflated and unenergized, I set myself back on track by using a reward to trick me into being productive. If you’re having a little bit of trouble keeping up with your goals, I highly suggest setting a reward to trigger success! Make sure it’s not counterproductive, though (I wouldn’t set a shopping therapy session for someone who is trying to save money, for instance). The reward has to be big enough to motivate you to go after what you want. Make sure it’s something you really want, and that would make you happy.

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Look at them.

And I mean this quite literally. Studies have shown that the most often you look at your goals, the more likely you are to reach them! So write them down and stick them in your face! You could use them as a phone or computer wallpaper, stick them in your bathroom mirror… Make sure it’s a place you bypass a lot. Seeing your goals will help you remind yourself of them, and therefore, you’ll be more likely to take action towards reaching them!

Have an accountability partner.

I’ve mentioned before how important having an accountability partner can be. If you tend to procrastinate and put things away until later, an accountability partner might just be the solution! So tell people about your goals. Having people around you know what you’re aiming is not only a way to help you reach your goals, but it’s also a motivator! What better way of getting stuff done then having people with expectations along the way? It may sound crazy, but telling people around you what your goals are is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re actually going to take action and try reaching them. Why? Because other people hold you accountable. They’ll know if you have achieved what you were hoping for or failed. And isn’t proving people you can do it the best motivator ever?

Track your progress.

Tracking progress is THE one thing that will motivate you the most. (It’s actually what inspired this blog post, HA)
Why? Because it lets you see just how far you’ve come. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the big picture that we forget to see everything that we’ve accomplished so far. I know it, because I’m just like that. I get so focused on the big goal that I forget to take a step back and see what I’ve done so far. And once you’ll realize how far you’ve come, you’ll trust yourself to go even further! Because if you’ve made it this far, who’s to say that you cannot reach your goals?

Which is why I thought I would go a little recap of what my goals for 2017 look like so far. With the end of the first quarter coming to an end, I thought it would be appropriate to let you know how far I’ve come so far… because you guys are my accountability partners. 😉

2017 Goals Recap – Q1


  • Lower my bounce rate to 75%: So far my bounce rate has been pretty stable. I’ve been able to lower it to about 84%, but it’s still too high. I’m not exactly sure what I can do to lower it.
  • Get over 1,500 pageviews in one day: I reached it! I’m really surprised, but I am proud to announce that on January 14, 2017, I had a grand total of 1,866 pageviews on my blog! (which is all-time high for me) Now, I’m aiming for 2,000 by the end of the year!
  • Get 1,000 likes on my Facebook page: After giving it much thought, I think I might have been overly confident when I said that I wanted to get 1,000 likes on my page. My social media of the month for February was Facebook, and I finally started working on a content strategy and investing time and effort into my page. However, I didn’t grow it as much as I had hoped I would. I currently have 166 likes on my page, which is good, but I don’t think I’ll to my goal at this rate. I think it would be more reasonable to aim for 500 likes.
  • Reach 2,000 followers on Instagram: Not to brag or anything, but I’ve been killing it when it comes to Instagram lately! I think I finally figured out a theme that I like, and I’ve started taking better pictures and putting more effort into my account. I recently reached 600 followers (yay!) so I think that, if I continue like this, I could easily reach my goal by the end of the year.
  • Get 10,000 Pinterest followers: While Pinterest is the platform where I have the biggest following, I have to admit that it’s not growing as much as I would like it to. I’m at 3K followers now, and I don’t think I’ll be able to reach my 10K goal by the end of the year. That is, unless I either invest more in BoardBooster or spend more time pinning. I’m still trying things to see what works and what doesn’t! (Side note that is not really relevant to this goal, but that I wanted to share anyway: I have a pin that is going viral! You have no idea how happy that makes me.)
  • Get 5,000 Twitter followers: This is going to be WAY harder than I thought it would be! I’ve always thought Twitter was easy to grow, but it’s actually quite the opposite! It’s hard to retain followers and to get an engaged audience. I am definitely not going to be able to reach my goal if it continues at this rate! I think 2,000 followers might actually be more realistic. But Twitter is the social media platform I’m focusing on this month (March), so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!
  • Land my first sponsored post: I still haven’t taken steps to try to land my first sponsored post, nor have I been approached by any companies. However, I still hope to monetize my blog before the end of the year (who knows, maybe I’ll have good news for my Q2 update?)


  • Read 60 books: While I’m only 1 book behind schedule according to Goodreads right now,  I don’t know if I’ll be able to reach my goal this year. I’m not reading as much as I normally do, mostly because Netflix seem to have taken over my life. I’m hoping that once I get on summer break in August, I might be able to change that, but I need to start giving more space to reading in my schedule.
  • Become fluent in Spanish: Well, so far I haven’t done anything towards that goal. I have found a blog that is all about teaching you Spanish and that blogger also happen to hold a weekly podcast in Spanish, but I just haven’t really worked on that yet.
  • Start working out: Let’s just laugh because so far all I’ve done is eat and gain weight.
  • Travel out of the country at least once: I might actually have some news to share with you regarding that soon… So stay tuned. 😉

I’m hoping to do a quarterly update on my goals so I can update you and let you know how things are going!

What are the goals you are hoping to reach this year? How are things going so far? Do you have any tips to help me with mine? What helps you to reach your goals?

  • Molly O’Connor

    I totally know what you mean- it is hard to keep hustling on the side when there’s so much during the day! You’re killin it though!!

    • Aw, thank you so much, Molly!

  • Yes to all of these tips! Having someone to hold me accountable is a huge key for me! Gretchen Rubin’s book about habits “Better Than Before” really helped me not only with my habits but also with sticking to my goals and achieving them 🙂
    paige / eyeliner wings & pretty things

    • I’ve never read that book. I’m definitely going to check it out! 🙂

  • My blog goals are terribly hard, but my life goals are doing well! I’ve stopped tracking my stats for a bit cause I noticed they were a little discouraging some months, and I didn’t want my motivation to depend on page views anymore

    • That’s such a great idea! I depend on my stats a little too much, so I should probably stop tracking them as much. You’re right, I don’t want my motivation to depend on pageviews anymore!

  • Setting rewards for myself is the only way I get anything done! And OMG that little teaser about travel at the end! Can’t wait to hear where you’re planning to go!

    • Haha, there’s nothing official yet, but as soon as I have news, I’ll make sure to share them! 🙂

  • Abbie Wright

    I am sure there are plenty of posts that relate to my issue, but a girl needs to vent sometimes. I am struggling with this semester. I have increased my work hours, increased my credit hours, volunteered a few more times than before…I am far beyond over whelmed. My classes are demanding and I cannot give my best to any part of my life right now. That being said I truly want to reach some personal goals but as my advisor mentioned I am merely surviving NOT thriving.

    • I totally get it! I was in the same situation last semester. I was working over 30 hours every week, on top of taking 15 hours of classes every week and keeping up with this blog. Thank God I didn’t have any other activities because I don’t think I would have survived. I think the best you can do in this situation is sit down a minute and come up with a plan. Start by evaluating your current situation. Yes, you are overwhelmed. But are you happy? Or do you find it harder and harder to wake up every day? If that’s the case, then you have to do something about it. Maybe you’ll have to cut down your hours at work a little or you’ll have to give up volunteering, but you have to think of your health first! However, if you’re happy, then maybe it’s just a question of organization. If you want to talk more about this, don’t hesitate to email me! (