Purpose Tour Review

If you follow me on Insta, you probably know that I went to see Justin Bieber in Montreal last Monday (May 16th). I also mentioned it in one of my posts before.

Purpose Tour Review

I may not be Justin’s biggest fan, but I absolutely love his music. I have been to his Believe Tour back in 2012, and it was one of the best experiences of my life!

Weirdly enough, while I wanted to see him live, I wasn’t that excited the weeks before the concert – not as much as I was back in 2012. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Justin has changed a lot since Believe came out, and not for the better. I don’t know. 


The thing is, I don’t think it really hit me until the night before. To put myself in the mood, I had decided to put the Purpose album in my car while I was driving to and from work the day before the concert. When I came home, I was definitely more excited that I had been since I had received my ticket!

The day of the concert, I was pretty excited. I had a class in the morning (damn you, Révision de textes!), and, as you might imagine, I wasn’t really in the mood for that. My mom had the day off and my sister didn’t have any classes that day (lucky!). My dad took the afternoon off so he could drive us there.

We arrived in Montreal in the middle of the afternoon. We were lucky enough to avoid traffic (or real traffic). We parked at Bell Centre, where the concert was held, and decided to head off into town to do some shopping before we had to meet with my cousin, who goes to school in Montreal. None of us bought anything, but we were thankful for the distraction while we were waiting!


I think it only hit me once I entered the Bell Centre: I’m going to see Justin Bieber live! We were really excited and since we were sitting pretty far back, we went to peek at the stage from seats that were closer.

The opening was pretty interesting. Moxie Raia is an amazing performer! That girl can definitely sing. I didn’t know her at all before the show, but now I definitely want to download the songs that I heard during the concert!

Post Malone, on the other hand, was pretty boring. I’m not really into rap to begin with, so I’m probably not the best judge of opinion. But my sister loves rap and she told me all of Malone’s songs sounded the same (which is true).

During the Believe Tour, The Wanted and Carly Rae Jepson were the opening sequence, so I guess I was a bit disappointed this time around. It’s hard to top last time’s awesomeness! Nevertheless, I still enjoyed part of it and it helped build up the anticipation for the actual concert.


Before I head into the details of the show, let me tell you how impressed I was with the fact that there was no delay! Last time, we had to wait over an hour for Justin… Since I had classes the day after, I was happy when I realized we waited no more than 20 minutes this time around!

To sum it up, the concert was amazing! I had the best time! The ambiance was electrifying. Seeing all those people know sing the lyrics to every song, hearing girls scream at the top of their lungs (which was really annoying sometimes because we couldn’t hear when Justin talked)… that was definitely something! I had forgotten what it was like to be at a concert with over 20,000 other fans in the room. It was definitely one of the best experiences ever!

If you’ve seen Justin perform before, whether it is live or at awards shows, you know there are usually a lot of special effects involved: videos playing in the background, spotlights… and the list goes on! This time didn’t disappoint. Each performance was unique, and the special effects were amazing. I was really impressed with what the technicians did; the show was really well thought! It definitely increased my experience!

I also need to mention how awesome the choreographies are! I’m always impressed with Justin’s dancers, but seeing them up close just made them even more amazing! And Justin himself is quite the dancer! (sometimes he dances more than he sings but oh well) Also, thumbs up to the Children‘s choreography! If you didn’t know, Justin has a song named Children on his album and for the tour, he brings four kids who have been chosen in a contest to each city he tours! So there’s always four new kids at each concert. The chosen ones for Montreal were so amazing! And I loved how Justin introduced them to us afterwards. He seemed genuinely happy to bring them on stage.

The concert made me fall back in love with the album, and made me love some songs more! Purpose is an amazing album. But I didn’t love it as much as Believe. On Believe, there was not one song that I disliked, which wasn’t the case with Purpose. But hearing them live made me realize some quality in them that I hadn’t heard before. I’ll Show You is probably the best example for that. Hearing it live made love this song so much more! I used to skip it when I was listening to the album, but now I even sing to the lyrics! I realized how deep this song goes, and now I love it! Same thing happened to a few songs. And it made me love the songs I already loved even more! (except for you, Mark My Words, I’ll never like you)

Even if the show was amazing, I have to admit that there’s one thing that bugged me. Justin seemed so sad. I know the guy has been through a lot lately, and you could see it on stage. He almost never smiled, which he did a lot back on the Believe Tour, and my sister even said she saw him shed a tear during one song (which I totally don’t believe but whatever). His performance was still perfect, but it made me sad to see him like this.

Honestly, this was one of the best nights of my life. I had so much fun! I’m really glad I got the opportunity to see Justin perform again, and I definitely hope it wasn’t the last time I did!