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Ever since I’ve been abroad, my hormones have been acting up. My hair becomes greasy faster, I am either super hungry or really not… and that’s just the beginning.

But, surprisingly, there’s one thing that hasn’t seem to be affected by the English weather: my skin. I still have the same soft skin with barely any blemishes or imperfections. I have a friend whose skin doesn’t seem to be liking the English weather, and I’m so glad that this isn’t my situation.

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It’s been a hot sec since I wrote a skincare routine post (over two years… whaat?), but since I don’t use most of the products I’ve mentioned in that post anymore, I thought it was due for an update. I’ve also purchased new products recently and I’m absolutely loving them, so I thought I would share them with you guys.  View Post

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy through me, I’ll get a small commission (and it won’t cost you a penny more!). You definitely don’t have to buy through me, but if you do, thank you for supporting A Wanderer’s Adventures!

I asked you in a poll on Twitter recently (make sure to follow me there if you aren’t already!) what kind of posts you wanted to see next on the blog, and I was surprised to see that 50% of you wanted to see book and Netflix recommendations! Those are normally not my most popular posts, but I just love writing them. If you know me at all, you probably know that I’m a HUGE book nerd, and I like to qualify myself as a professional Netflix binger (please let that be a real job!!!).

Fall is my favorite season. Why? Because I have a perfectly good excuse to stay inside and read. Here are some recommendations of books and tv show to cozy up to this fall!

I don’t know what it is about fall that makes us want to curl up with a good book or in front of Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket with, and fuzzy socks on, but I love it!  View Post

When I moved abroad to England, I knew my weekends would mostly consist of traveling. I mean, one of the reasons why I decided to go abroad for a semester was because I wanted to explore the world, and particularly Europe. Having never traveled in the past (except to the States a couple of times), I was always eager to see what the world had to offer. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. And well, let me tell you that so far, I have not been disappointed. Not only have I been out every weekend since I’ve been here, but I also have travel plans made for the months ahead! I couldn’t be more excited.

For our first weekend on ourselves in England, my friend and I were looking for a destination that was not too far away, but that we would both enjoy. We were already planning on going to Cambridge for a day (more on that soon), so we decided to get all “university” cities out of the way and threw in Oxford for a weekend (that ended up being the wrong time to do it, scroll to the bottom of the post to see why!).

Going to Oxford for a weekend? Here's what you should do!

I ended up loving this city so much! I think a weekend is plenty of time to get a “feel” of the city and see all of its highlights. So here’s how to spend a weekend in Oxford.

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