I don’t know why, but lately, I’ve been sharing my blog more and more often with the people I know in real life. Most people in my direct entourage know about it, so it now comes to me more naturally. It’s not this big secret anymore, and I’m talking about it more openly to the people around me (yes, even people that I’ve only just met!). I used to be ashamed of it (I didn’t want to be seen as this weird girl who spends all of her time writing fanfiction in her room), but now I’m proud of what I have accomplished.

More and more people tell me they know about my blog and I always find myself surprised to find out they actually read my posts regularly. Why? Because there’s actually no trace of them doing so!

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Friends and family members have asked me how they can support my blog even though they are not bloggers themselves. While I do appreciate the verbal feedback, there are also tons of ways for non-blogger readers to show their support online! (I actually believe it means even more when the readers are not blogger themselves). Here’s what you can do to support your blogger friends.  View Post

I just couldn’t come to England and not visit the Beatles’ city. I mean, that would be crazy, right? I may not be the Beatles’ biggest fan, but I would have felt like I was missing on an important part of England if I hadn’t been to Liverpool. (It’s as if saying that you visited all of England except for London – that’s just silly!)

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We almost didn’t make it to Liverpool because we were hesitating between that and York, but I’m so glad we decided against it! (Though I do hope that I’ll get to visit York too!) Liverpool ended up being one of my favorite cities we’ve been to so far. Sadly, we didn’t get to spend that much time there (we were only there for a couple of hours), but we were still able to see everything we wanted to see.

So, how do you spend a day in Liverpool?

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Let’s be real here for a hot sec. While I’m all excited for the holidays and I love my time traveling abroad, let’s not forget something that is really important for us college students: finals are coming.

Since I’ve been abroad, I have kind of forgotten about the college aspect of it. I mean, I know it’s called studying abroad, but let’s be honest for a second: the best part of it is not studying. Yes, I do go to my classes, but I’m always planning my next weekend getaway. I tend to push school aside for the sake of traveling. But now, I’ve started to receive a ton of assignments for the remaining of my time abroad, and I can’t put it off any longer. After all, I need to pass my classes if I want to keep my scholarship and graduate on time!

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But one thing that I have realized since I’ve been in college (and particularly since I’ve been in England), it’s that when I have too many things to do, I tend to procrastinate. I push away all work and watch some shows on Netflix instead… until I no longer can.

We talked about it quickly in this month’s email newsletter (by the way, sign up here for tips to become the best college student ever!), but I thought I would share with you some productivity tips that have been helping me get ish done lately!  View Post

I’m a firm believer that an organized life means an easy life. I mean, there is nothing worse than running late and not being able to this very specific item that you need right now. We’ve all been there, am I right? And some more often than others (#me *cough* *cough*). Life is just so much better when you know where everything is and you don’t have to rummage your room to find what you’re looking for.

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A few weeks ago, I was approached by a publishing company to talk about Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcase by Jane Stoller. This book is a bible for any organization freak. It contains a ton of organization tips to help you organize every area of your life: closet, kitchen, bathroom, travel, and even books! It’s all thought out to make your life simpler and easier.  View Post

When I came to England, I expected every corner of every street to feel like I was straight out of a Harry Potter movie. I mean, what else is there to see in England? (answer: a LOT.) But I soon realized that England is not simply Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Jane Austen (though they are very important). England goes way back. As far back as the Roman Empire! And Bath is the perfect example of what England must have looked like back in the Roman days. Here’s my full travel guide to Bath and how you can spend a weekend exploring this beautiful city!

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