I’ve never thought of myself as a morning person. Just the other day, during one of the #BloggingCollege chats, when asked whether I was a night owl or an early bird, I said “night owl” without even thinking about it. And then, I read other people’s answer. I then realized that maybe I wasn’t as much as a night owl as I thought I was.

How to Become a Morning Person

I wake up at around 7 AM every day (yes, even when don’t have any morning classes or work), except for a few exceptions. I used to wake up a lot later than that when I was in high school, but ever since I’ve gotten to university, I’ve started enjoying waking up early and start my day as soon as I wake up. I feel much more productive now that I am a morning person! Want to become a morning person too? These tips should help you become one! View Post

As a communications student with a minor in writing, I’ve had many classes dedicated to the art of writing. You may think, why would anyone need classes on how to write? But trust me when I say this: writing is not easy. Everyone writes, but not everyone does it correctly.

5 Ways to Improve Your Writing

Whether you’re a college student or a blogger (or both), you’re bound to find yourself writing. Actually, most jobs include at least a little bit of writing on the employee’s part. And, since that’s the case, wouldn’t you want to do it perfectly? This is why I’m sharing some of the wisdom my classes taught me to give you 5 ways you can improve your writing. Whether you’re a blogger or a college student, these tips can definitely help you be a better writer! (This is coming from a girl who got straight A’s in most of her writing classes ;))

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The transition from high school to college can be tough, on more than one level. But what freshmen don’t always seem to realize is that college classes are harder than high school ones. It might be not the case for every single one of your classes, but you will find yourself struggling to get grades as good as the ones you used to have in high school. Getting A’s in college is much harder than it is in high school. And while grades aren’t everything, it sure impacts your college life.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting A's in College

During my first semester at university, I managed to get A’s in every single one of my classes. That gave me a 4.18 GPA (in Quebec the GPA is calculated out of 4.3), which is pretty amazing. I never expected to do that well in my first semester, because I had heard that college was much harder than high school and cegep (another Quebec thing).

But if I can do it, I know you can too! Once you have figured out a routine that works for you, it’s not that hard to get those straight A’s. This is why I’m sharing my secrets to getting A’s in college.

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College can be extremely stressful. In between classes, extracurriculars, sororities and health, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. You can often feel like you need someone’s advice, and the people around you can’t always help you figure things out.

10 College Blogs You Need to Read

But, you are not alone. There is the amazing thing called the Internet today that can help you figure out how to get through your college years and make the best of out them! This is why I gathered my favorite college blogs so that you can find the advice you’re looking for! These ladies cover all things college-related and aim to help you thrive in college!

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As you know, I was supposed to go to Toronto. But, life happened, and next thing you know, I’m canceling our hotel reservation. As you might imagine, I was very disappointed. I had built a lot of expectations on that trip that I was devastated when I found out that it was no longer happening.

A Day in Montreal

To cheer me up, my parents, who had I had ranted to about the trip throughout the entire organization process, decided that I needed a little getaway. Since my mom was on her summer break and my sister had the day off from work, my dad took the day off and we headed off to Montreal for the day.

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