TV Show Recommendation: Once Upon A Time

Since I loved writing the first installment of this series, I decided it was time to present you one of my all-time favorite tv shows: Once Upon A Time!

Once Upon A Time


The story takes place in the fictional town of Storybrooke, in Maine. The residents of Storybrooke are actually characters from various fairy tales that were transported into our world and robbed of their original memories. The residents of Storybrooke have no idea of who they really are and have lived an unchanging existence for 28 years.

The only way to break the curse and restore the characters’ lost memories lies with a bounty hunter named Emma Swan, after she is dragged there by her son Henry (who she gave up for adoption after his birth) after he turns on her doorstep and tells her she is the only one who can break the curse. 

Each episode focuses on the past of one of the characters, which adds up the puzzle that is the story in the present.


A friend of mine suggested that I watch Once Upon A Time. I was looking for something new to watch and she told me that I should watch it too so we could talk about it together.

I was hooked from the very first episode. I was so captivated by the story that I ended up watching the entire TV show (which, at the time, consisted of 3 seasons of 22 episodes each) in three weeks! And yes, it happened while I was in CEGEP (I was in my midterms, actually). I could watch 7 or 8 episodes a day when I didn’t have classes. I was that addicted.

The story is a-ma-zing. Each season brings its new bunch of problems, characters, and storylines. The writers have been able to intertwine all of these fairy tales stories that we grew up with and make something entirely new that makes absolute sense with it. How were they able to imagine all of this? I have absolutely no idea, but I love it. Sometimes, characters represent more than one fairy tale. The way everything has been mixed up is simply perfect. I could not have imagined something better. The writers throw plot twists in your face when you least expect it. I was left gaping on more than one occasion.

You will fall in love with the characters. There is at least one character that you will worship like your life depends on it. Trust me. The show contains multiple complex and explored-in-depth characters. Many kick-ass women, villains that you will hate but love at the same time, some that you simply despise, heroes that will make you doubt their purity… and the list goes on. Villains are not all bad and heroes are not all good. They all have a dark side, even the heroes.

Of course, I cannot talk about Once Upon A Time properly without mentioning the relationships. While they do hold an important part of the show, they are not the center of attention. You will find yourself shipping some characters more than others and you’ll love some couples more than you thought it was possible. And don’t hold expectations based on the fairy tales version. There are some couples that seem very unlikely at first but that make perfect sense in the TV show.

I could honestly talk about it for hours. If what I have told you so far didn’t convince you to start watching it, I don’t know what will. I personally recommended it to one of my friends in college and to my parents, and they all loved it!

Please do yourself a favor and start watching it now! You will thank me later.