How to Survive Your First College Party

I attended my very first college party a few weeks ago. Since then, I attended a second, which reflects more on the whole “college party” experience.

My First College Party

This is why I thought that today I would share with you guys how university parties are like on my campus + how you can survive your first college party!


First of all, you need to know what our parties look like. Every Thursday, each faculty organizes its little gathering. Not every faculty participates every week, but there is usually at least a few parties that you can choose to attend each week.

The gatherings take the form of what we call a 5@7. It means that it starts at 5 pm and ends at 7. But not every party takes this timetable. There are 4@7, 5@8 or even 4@10 and 6@12! (though those are more rare and usually happen only once every semester)

Each faculty has its theme and it changes from week to week. You can either dress up the part or simply go with what you would normally wear. Most people don’t dress up, but it’s always fun to see the costumes of those who do. Music can go according to the theme, or can simply be whatever the DJ feels like playing.

During the warmer season, the 5@7s take place outside, usually right in front of the faculty who is hosting the party. During winter, parties are thrown inside the faculties. What’s fun is that you can just wander on campus and attend whenever you feel like it, and go to whichever party you feel like going to. You don’t have to attend your own faculty’s, though it’s nice to at least spend a bit of money there to encourage your fellow colleagues!

Attendance is free, but you have to buy your alcohol, to a really cheap price that usually varies from 2,50$ to 3,50$, depending on the faculty. Make sure to bring cash, as you probably won’t be able to pay with your credit or debit card. If you have your own cup, it’s usually less expensive (up to 1$ less) than if you don’t have your own. So it could be a great idea to invest in a plastic, reusable cup if you know you’re going to attend many parties over the years! You may save a few precious dollars by doing so.

Beers and shots are available, and sometimes something fancier like coffee with a twist. 😉

Some faculty will sell food, but it’s not every party that will be selling its own. Eating beforehand or bringing something to snack on wouldn’t be such a terrible idea.

All the money raised goes to the faculty or to whichever student association who is hosting.


Now that you know what it’s like on the UdeS campus, let me tell you about my experience.

The first time my friends and I finally worked up the guts to attend one of these, we got there late. We went to eat at Subway, which is off-campus and missed our bus, so we had to wait an extra 30 minutes for the next one. When we were finally able to hop on the bus, it was packed. My friends and I almost weren’t able to get on! But it quickly emptied as we made our way onto campus.

When we finally got to the party, it was already 7 pm. Our faculty’s party was ending at 8, but we knew that the engineering one was finishing at midnight, so we didn’t worry too much. Surprisingly, there weren’t that many people at the Letters and Human Sciences Faculty’s (ours).

My friends and I simply got there and waited, listening to the music. We talked a little, but it was mostly awkward. We met up with another one of our friends and talked some more. We hit the engineering faculty party just because they hold a reputation of being the wildest on campus but we didn’t stay that long. My night ended up being utterly disappointing.

The second time was more fun. Although I did arrive late because of my bus, which was 15 minutes late and got stuck in traffic, that didn’t keep me from having fun.

I met up with a friend and hit the FLSH (our faculty) party, which was themed after autumn. We stayed there for a while, bought Jello shots and popcorn for a total of 5$ before going to meet my friend, who we were meeting up with later.

Then again we talked, just like last time, but we made an effort to fit in and have some fun by buying each a beer. Now, you have to know that I am definitely not a beer person and chugged the liquid down grimacing. It took me a while to drink it all because I kept taking small sips.

We danced to the very good music the DJ played before heading off to the engineering party, which turned out to be wild! Every time I’m amazed at how many people attend these parties. The music was much better there, so we stayed and danced for the rest of the night until it finally ended.

Next time we’ll definitely make sure to spend more time at the engineering party because their music is much better and there is always a lot of people, so more opportunities to meet new people!


1. Bringing my school bag. Honestly, it made me look terribly freshman, and a lot less cool. Plus, my back was drenched with sweat, as it was in early September and the weather outside was still pretty hot, even at night. The second time I attended, I went with my purse and I felt a lot freer!

2. Not mixing with other people. Both times I stayed with my two friends and while I love being able to spend time with them, that kept me from meeting new people and making friends at university, which was my main goal by attending those parties.

That was my first university party experience! What about you? What are parties on your campus like?


  • It definitely sounds like a great experience, girlie! Can I please be a grandma and say that it’s amazing you didn’t drink? Honestly, I know it might sound like it’s no harm and you have a little bit here and there but it does lead to very very very poor choices which most people regret greatly later. It might sound boring but I know so many people (girls, in particular) whose life was pretty much ruined because of excessive partying & drinking. So yeah, just a thought, hon.
    It’s amazing though to mix and make friends, you will defo have an opportunity to do that soon!
    xox Nadia

    • I totally get your point. And trust me, it’s not drinking that makes it fun (because I’ve heard so many bad stories about girls – and guys – that drank too much), but I think it’s simply understanding your limits and not being afraid of letting go of your insecurities every once in a while. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I had much more fun the second time around, and it had nothing to do with the drinks!
      Anyways, thank you for reading!
      Amelie xo

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