How To Relax During The Semester

How to Relax During the Semester

Spring break is finally over for me (but it’s probably starting for some of you!). While I finally had the time to relax, breathe a little, and think about something other than college for a week (but not that much, since I was basically working non stop), I also know that I don’t have any motivation whatsoever to go back. I wish the semester was over already! Seem familiar to you? So here a few tips to avoid midsemester burnout and stay sane during the semester


I’m definitely not the working out type (though I need to work on that), but there is no better way to let out steam than to exercise! You don’t have to actually be working out intensely; just a walk around campus might do the trick! Exercise allows you to let go of  stress, and think about something else. When you work out, your brain secretes endorphins, which make you feel good and relaxed. Plus, who doesn’t want to be ready for bikini season?


As you know now, I’m a TV junkie. There’s nothing I love as much as sitting comfortably in front of my screen and watching my favorite tv shows. Netflix is a great way to let off steam! Just like reading, it’ll allow you to get immersed in a brand new world, and will help you think about something else for a while. But make sure you don’t let Netflix become your priority! It’s okay to binge watch on weekends or when you have extra time, but make sure it doesn’t become an excuse to not do your assignments or studying!


I’m honestly not the type of person who goes out every weekend. I’m not a partyholic, and I’d much rather stay at home with a good book or curl up in my bed in front of Netflix on a Friday night. My friends are pretty much the same (I guess you could say I found my people!). But it can be good to go out with your friends every once in a while. My life tends to get pretty busy with college and work, and I don’t always have time to spend with my friends. Going out with them allows me to catch up, but it also allows me to think about something else than my busy schedule! You don’t have to be out all night – just lunch or dinner can be nice!



One of the things you might not know about me is that I love listening to music. My taste changes from time to time depending on my mood, but I always love to put on my earphones and get lost in the lyrics. Sometimes, I listen to something more upbeat to brighten my mood and give myself some motivation, but I also love slower tunes that help me relax. I actually listen to music almost every night before I go to sleep – it helps me fall asleep!


As you know by now, I’m a bookworm.You can always find me curled up with a good book whenever I feel down or if I just need to think about something else. Do you know any other way to travel worlds and countries without moving an inch? Books are the best way to escape the present and forget your problems for a while. I always try to read on the bus home or before I go to sleep and it really does help me relax! It takes my mind off things and lets me immerse myself in a completely different world.

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Is there anything more relaxing than going to the spa? Then why not bring it to your home? Get out your favorite masks and beauty products, play some relaxing music and relax! Want to make it even better? Invite your friends for a night in! You can paint each other’s nails or talk about your favorite beauty products while watching a movie or listening to some music. I promise you you’ll feel much better after practicing self-care.

What your favorite ways to relax? Are you going to try any of these?