First Semester Recap

These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY. Not only was it finals week, but I had the entire month jampacked with work, papers to hand in, exams to study for and team meetings for class projects. Needless to say that I didn’t have much extra time on my hands!

But now, I can officially say that I’ve survived my first semester at uni! I’m so glad to finally have a little time to relax (two weeks is really too short) and think about something else. Since I’m not working that much and don’t have that many parties to attend during the holidays, I will have plenty of time to sleep, read, binge watch my favorite TV shows on Netflix and, of course, blog!

First Semester Recap

Since my first semester is now over, I thought of doing a small recap of the things I did wrong and right as a university student! 

What I Did Right

1. Taking my classes seriously

From the very beginning of the semester, I took my classes for what they were: university classes. I knew my classes would be harder than what I had experienced in cegep and that I would need to work twice as hard to get through them, but I was ready for the challenge. I kept that attitude throughout the entire semester, and that helped me get a lot of work done! I tried my best to stick to a schedule and prepare for my classes in advance. I didn’t want to fall behind.

2. Not procrastinating (or almost)

As I was just saying, I took my classes seriously, which helped me get most of my work done. I am proud to say that I almost never procrastinated: I studied for exams at least a week before, got all of my homework turned in on time and managed to prepare for my classes properly almost all semester long! Since I was working most weekends, I didn’t have a choice but to start being more organized and prepare in advance. My best friend throughout the semester was definitely my planner!


What I Did Wrong… (and what I’m going to try to work on next semester!)

1. Not getting involved in any extracurriculars.

The first thing I regret is not getting involved in any activities outside of classes. I know if I want to work in the communication field, I will have to stand out, and not only have a good GPA, because everybody else does too. Grades are not what are going to get me internships and opportunities. I have to reach out for them. I wanted to write for the uni newspaper, but I never went to the meeting, so I guess that’s a flop. Next semester, I’d like to at least get involved in one extracurricular – that’ll give me something to add to my resume!

2. Not going to any Communication events.

It is well known within our faculty that the communications program organizes some wild parties. While I did go to some parties, I did not go to the one that counts. They were two main events during the fall season, both of which I could not attend because I was working. That kept me from meeting new people and making friends, which is definitely something I want to work on during the upcoming semester!

3. Not making any new friends.

I mentionned earlier that not going to any communication events kept me from making friends; well, I’m sad to admit that I did not make any new friends this semester. Sure, I met some people through my classes, but no one that I’m close to enough to be able to call them my friends. I think the fact that I shared two classes with my friends from cegep kind of restrained me: I sat with them and hung out mostly with them. While I’m glad that we kept in touch, I’m really sad that I did not making new friends while at uni. Everyone in my program seems to have their group of friends and I feel kind of left out. I definitely want to change that next semester!

As you might be able to see, while academically, everything went fine; socially, my life was sort of a mess. I definitely intend on fixing that next semester! I am still proud of what I have accomplished during my first semester at uni, and I only hope to be able to do better!

How was your semester? What are your goals for the next?