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9 Favorite Bloggers

I’ve come to realize that it’s been a year since I started this blog! When I first started blogging, I never knew I would like it as much as I do now. I never even thought it would get me as far as I am right now. To celebrate, I decided to share the love and present my 9 favorite bloggers! Most of them are college bloggers, but there are a few lifestyle ones too!

Alexandra at Twirling Pages

I discovered Alexandra’s blog through her Instagram account. She’s a bookstagrammer who also happens to be a book & lifestyle blogger. She takes the most gorgeous photos (whether it is book pictures or not) and I’m always swooning over her gorgeous edits and blog design. She also happens to be a ballerina, and I absolutely love reading her posts about her ballet lifestyle! Take a look at her blog and get ready to get jealous because she has the most perfect room, and her posts are simply amazing! I love her sparkling personality.

Abigail at Living the Gray Life

Agibail is one of my favorite college bloggers! And she also happens to be one of the only best friends that I’ve made since I’ve started blogging! She gives the best advice, whether its about college or blogging! She’s always there for me whenever I need to talk to. Her blog covers all kind of topics that goes from college to writing letters to kids in hospitals. Abigail is the kind of friend you want to make in the blogging universe!

Samantha at As Life Grows

One of the many reasons why I love Samantha’s blog so much is that her tips are always really relatable! I’ve subscribed to her newsletter a while ago, and I never regretted it! Whenever I need a little help with something college-related, Samantha’s blog is one the first resources I check out! And she covers a wide range of topics, like how to make your relationships work in college and faith!

Kerstin at Miss Getaway

Kerstin’s blog is one of the first blogs that I started reading. She’s the one who made me want to start my own blog! Needless to say she’s a huge inspiration. Her pictures are gorgeous and how love how real she gets with her readers! If you love traveling, fashion and lifestyle, you should definitely check her blog out! Also, every Sunday, she comes out with what she likes to call a “column”. Basically, it’s her talking about a topic and giving her opinion. These have become one of my favorite kinds of posts!

Sara at Sara Laughed

Sara is one of my favorite college bloggers. She’s my #1 ressource when it comes to college. Her blog covers it all! But what I love most about her blog is how she promotes self-acceptance and positivity. She encourages her readers to embrace who they are rather than fall into the competitiveness that we often find on social media.

Dani at Dani Dearest

Dani’s blog is simply amazing. Not only is the design to die for, but she also gives amazing advice! I always love reading her content because it makes me feel like I can conquer the world! Dani encourages her readers to get involved and experience life to the fullest. Plus, Dani is super involved in tons of things, so she knows what she’s talking about! She takes something like 18 credits and has like 3 jobs. This girl is my inspiration!

Kayla at Kayla Blogs

Kayla’s blog is what made me want to start blogging about college in the first place. Her blog covers a lot of topics and all of her posts contain super helpful advice to help you make the best out of your college experience! Kayla is also the one running the Blogging College group on Facebook and runs a bi-monthly chat on the Blogging College Twitter account, so make sure to check those out as well if you’re a college blogger!

Rebecca at Life as a Dare

Rebecca’s blog is the perfect mix between college and lifestyle! I first discovered her because of her college content, but she’s got tons of other kinds of posts as well! She covers topics like faith, relationships, health… you name it, she has it! Plus, her blog design is gorgeous. I’m so jealous!

Cristina at Cristina Was Here

Cristina started off as a college blogger, but now she’s more in the lifestyle area. She recently made a big blog move: she moved to self-hosted and changed her blog name! Her new site is absolutely beautiful, by the way, so you should definitely check that out! I love how real Cristina is with her readers. Her posts are always super helpful and relatable.

Make sure you check those amazing blogs out!

Thank you for an amazing first year and all of your support. Let’s hope to more!


  • Amelie! This seriously almost made me cry! Ummm so weird thing is is that in my post for today, I also mentioned you and how supportive you are! I guess great minds think alike. I also love all of these college bloggers 🙂

    • I just saw that and I’m almost crying too! haha It’s like it was planned! 😉

  • Hey Amelie!

    Great round up of college bloggers! While college is way past me know, I appreciate your list! I’ll be sure to share it.

  • Thank you SOOO much for including me! I’m so glad to have inspired you to start blogging about college. Thank you for always participating in the Blogging College chats, you’re the best!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

    • You are so welcome! I love what you do! And I try to participate as often as I can. I love meeting new people and discovering new blogs!

  • I started my blog January of last year. I think it’s awesome that you’ve made friends through blogging. That’s one of the main reason why I started blogging. Apart from a few bad apples, the blogging community has seemed to me to be very supportive and kind. I usually like to follow bloggers that I think are passionate about it and just enjoying it and I tend to have an aversion to blogs that are only in it for the money. Congrats on your first year! 🙂

    • Thank you! Although I haven’t made that many friends, I’m glad I have people to turn to and talk about my blogging (or personal!) problems, haha.

  • Aw, this is so sweet! I love Xan’s blog, too! It’s so beautiful and so is the content; I love her bookstagram of course and I’m incredibly happy to be friends with her. I haven’t heard of the majority of these though, so I’ll definitely check out some, if not all, of these :).

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

    • The rest of these are college/lifestyle bloggers. They’re all incredible as well!

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