How to Establish a Successful Pinterest Strategy

A lot of bloggers do not use Pinterest to its full potential. Yes, Pinterest is fun because you can find cute outfit pictures, DIYs, and recipes, but there is SO MUCH more than that! And if you’re not using it right, you’re missing out on a big chunk of your audience! Your content has the potential to be repinned and to go viral, but it won’t happen overnight! Trust me when I say that not everyone establishes a Pinterest strategy. But you NEED one if you want to boost your traffic and your Pinterest following! Now that we’ve optimized our Pinterest profile for success, it’s time to ACTUALLY start bringing followers in! And the best way to gain hundreds of followers fast is to establish a successful Pinterest strategy!

Not everyone establishes a Pinterest strategy. But you NEED one if you want to boost your traffic and your Pinterest following! Click through to find out how to establish a successful Pinterest strategy.

Optimize your boards

While you want to set your Pinterest profile for success, make sure you give your boards the same treatment! Some people might choose to follow only specific boards instead of following you (and therefore see content from all of your boards). So make sure your boards can be found too!

Name your boards with keywords

Did you know that you can search for boards too? One of the best things you can do to get people to follow your boards is to name them using keywords. As cute as “Food for the soul” might be, how many people do you think actually search for that? People will look for things quotes or inspirational quotes or motivation. If you want your boards to be found by other users, you have to give them a chance to find you!

Include keywords in your boards’ description

I know what you’re thinking: Keywords? Not again? Well… yes. As much of a hassle has it can be, you have to remember something: Pinterest is a search engine. It’s NOT another social media platform! Therefore, you have to use SEO just as you would with your actual blog posts.

People can not only find your boards thanks to their names, but also because of their description! So what I suggest is adding 10-20 keywords or phrases that are explaining what your board is about. You can simply put them in an enumeration. For example, for my “College tips” board on Pinterest I use keywords such as college tips, preparing for college, college survival, surviving college, university tips, education, college life, college advice, university advice, college hacks, college preparation, college lifestyle. Not sure how to find so many keywords? Worry not, Pinterest can do the work for you! Simply search for one specific keyword in the search bar, and Pinterest will come up with a bunch of other related ones that users often search for! From there, you can choose the ones that are most relevant and that depict what your board is about best.

Have boards that are relevant to your niche

Just like with blogging, you might want to consider creating boards that are only within your niche. Why? Because it makes you an authority in that area! If you’re not too fond of niching down, what I suggest is to at least create boards for things you blog about. For instance, I wouldn’t create a fashion board because I am not a fashion blogger. It simply wouldn’t be relevant to my audience. Think of things your audience might be interested in and might be searching for!

Pin multiple times a day

Research says you should be pinning at least 50 times per day. It’s apparently the magic number to gain lots of followers on Pinterest. And while I do think that you need to pin multiple times a day to start getting real results on Pinterest, I don’t think you necessarily have to pin 50 times per day. I did not start pinning 50 times every day until a few weeks ago! And I still managed to gain over 3,000 followers in about 6 months! But do pin often. Why? Because that puts you out there, giving the most chances to your content to be seen by others!

However, let’s be honest here. None of us have hours to spend every day just pinning. That’s why you need to find great tools to take care of these things for you! There are schedulers like Tailwind that let you schedule pins and save you a lot of time. But my favorite blogging tool, especially when it comes to Pinterest, is Boardbooster.

I’ve mentioned in the past just how much I love BoardBooster. Basically, it’s the only tool you need for Pinterest. BoardBooster allows you to schedule pins, find group boards, access analytics (that you will not necessary find on Pinterest, even if you’re a business account), and the list goes on. But my favorite thing about BoardBooster is that it allows you to loop your pins.

Do you have boards that have hundreds of pins? Then that means that the content that is at the bottom will not be seen by your new followers, even if that content might be super relevant to them. So what BoardBooster does is that it pulls back this old content and pins it to your board again, so it’s as good as new! The best part? It deletes the duplicate after a few days! So your older posts get constant traffic, as they get seen by new people. Isn’t that amazing?

Pin the best content

In order to gain followers, you need to pin the best content! Why? Because it establishes you as an authority in your niche! This gives people a good reason to follow you. But what is the best content? Well, try not to post pins that lead to broken links or to spammy pages. Always pin large, vertical images that are optimized for Pinterest.

As it is the case with most social media strategies, you should pin mostly other people’s content. Recognize that other content can be just as valuable as your own! Also, posting only your own content makes you look spammy, and no one likes a spammer.

Join group boards

Here’s my secret when it comes to growing your traffic using Pinterest: join group boards! Group boards allow you to expose your content to a brand new audience! It’s an easy way to expose your account to other people who may not be following you. This is where my pins get the most traction.

While joining group boards is important, don’t forget that your group boards should be in your niche! So, in my case, I joined as many college tips group boards I could find, because that’s what I blog most about. There would be no point for me to join a fashion group board, for example, because my pins just wouldn’t fit in there.


Visit people in your niche and see what group boards they’re in! That’s how I found most of mine. Once you have them, just follow the instructions (found in the board’s description) to join! If you can’t find any instructions, email the owner!

Do you have any tips when it comes to successful pinning on Pinterest?