10 College Blogs You Need to Read

College can be extremely stressful. In between classes, extracurriculars, sororities and health, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. You can often feel like you need someone’s advice, and the people around you can’t always help you figure things out.

10 College Blogs You Need to Read

But, you are not alone. There is the amazing thing called the Internet today that can help you figure out how to get through your college years and make the best of out them! This is why I gathered my favorite college blogs so that you can find the advice you’re looking for! These ladies cover all things college-related and aim to help you thrive in college!


The Happy Arkansan is a blog written by Amanda Cross, a recent college graduate who is currently attending graduate school in Arkansas. Amanda’s blog is colorful, just like she is! What I love the most about her blog is how in-depth her posts are. Sure, they are extra long (most of her posts are around 2,000 words!), but the advice you get is super helpful! She always makes sure she covers everything and doesn’t leave anything aside. If you’re looking for studying advice, Amanda got you covered! She’s also a great resource when it comes to sorority life.


The Young Hopeful is a blog founded by Hope Young to help young women thrive in college. Now, Hope has taken on contributors and editors and oversees the entire process! The Young Hopeful blogs about all the things you could think about that are related to college: relationships, academics, life in the dorms, health, career, finances… and the list goes on. It is the #1 resource when it comes to college!


Tori is the blogger behind Chase the Write Dream. She has a bachelor degree and a master’s degree, and has spent the last ten years figuring out how to make best out college. She writes about a vast variety of topic that goes from career advice to academics to time management. Her goal is to help college students and twentysomethings find their place in the world, and her blog will help you do just that!


I found Samantha’s blog through Pinterest, and now I’m obsessed with it! She offers great advice on a wide variety of topics that are all related to college. You are sure to find something to help you among her posts, because Samantha covers it all. Life in the dorms, studying abroad, staying healthy… you name it, she has it!


Alysha is a 23 year-old Psychology Student from Melbourne, Australia, and is the blogger behind Study Break Down. If I had to describe her blog with two words, it would be “study central”. Alysha loves education, and most of her posts are about helping you becoming a better student! She gives amazing tips to help you get better grades and study smarter.


Living in Full Bloom is a college blog written for young women by Alyssa, a junior at Ball State University. Alyssa’s purpose is to help you live to your full potential during your college years and after, and her content helps you do just that! She has been through all of the typical college student experiences, and she’s here to give you her best tips and advice to help you deal with those situations.


Emily is a college student and blogger behind Honeybee Joyous. If you’re looking for ways to improve your productivity, study tips, and organization hacks, her blog is the place to go! She has also created her own printable planner to help college student maximize their productivity. Emily is dedicated to help you make the best out your time in college, so give her blog a look!


Gabby and Hannah are the two bloggers behind The Swirl. Not only do they have a beautiful website, but they also have amazing content! Somehow they manage to mix up baking, college. and life, and the result is great. They are actually an inspiration of mine. I wish my blog could be as great as theirs! The ladies behind the blog are also lovely, so make sure you check their website out!


College Compass is a website recently launched by one of my favorite bloggers, Sara from Sara Laughed. She recently decided to move her college content over to this new blog, as well as taking on four columnists. I love Sara’s blog posts, and I couldn’t not include her in this post! She gives amazing, in-depth advice, and her posts are always super helpful. Take a look at her resource library, you’ll more than likely find something to help you out! Sara Laughed happened to be one of my favorite college blogs, and I’m so excited to see what College Compass will bring!


Morgan is sort of the pioneer of the college niche. She’s one of the first blogs who talked about college. Therefore, as you can imagine, her blog is a must read. She is an inspiration to a lot of college bloggers. Even as a college dropout, Morgan still has plenty of advice about making the best of your college experience, from health to time management to internships.


I only recently discovered Shannon’s blog, and I completely fell in love with it! Not only does she have a lovely design and fantastic pictures, but her posts are just as amazing as the rest of her website. Shannon is dedicated to help you, inspire you and encourage you during your college years, and her blog covers all kind of topics to make that happen! She is also the Study Abroad contributor on College Compass – that’s just how great she is.

I hope those college blogs will help you succeed in college and make the best out of your college years! If you’re looking for more amazing bloggers to read, I mentioned nine of my favorites in a previous post!

Who are your favorite college bloggers?


  • I love a lot of these blogs!! I also love and recommend Life as a Dare (by Rebecca Lindenbach) and Living the Gray Life (by Abigail Thomas)!

    Stephanie | http://www.stephanietherese.com

    • I also love Rebecca’s and Abigail’s blogs! I’ve actually mentioned them in my “Favorite Bloggers” post. 🙂

      • Thanks again for that, Amelie! ❤️😊 Also, prime choice for college bloggers 👌🏻

    • Awww thanks, Stephanie! ❤️ So glad to hear you like my blog! and Abigail is one of my favourite bloggers, too! She is just so sweet, and a genuinely nice person.

  • Great recs! I read some of them, but need to check the others out!

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlife.com

  • I love all these bloggers too, they have such great college content!
    xo, Syd

  • Shaina McGregor

    So happy I came across this page! I’ve been looking for other college bloggers.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed! These are all amazing college bloggers and they all have great content!

  • Makaela Suitcase

    I’m so glad that I found this list! I just started my own blog and I am looking to connect with other people (:


    • Don’t hesitate to come by and say hi! We don’t bite. 😉 Honestly, all of these college bloggers are super nice and would be really happy (myself included) if you reach out!

  • Feliciana Vernon

    College info geek is both a youtuber and a college blogger and also has a podcast. He also has a book for students too for free!!!! He is great!!!

    • Great! I’ll make sure to check him out! 🙂 Thanks for the rec!

  • Woogee B

    Thanks for this post. I recently started my own blog based on college and career as well. It’s so nice seeing a community of like minded individuals 🙂