So, there’s one thing that I’ve been kind of secretive about lately, but it’s not because I didn’t want to talk about it. I think it’s mostly because I had kind of forgotten it was happening (with me being abroad and all) and remembered at the very last minute that I had to do something about it.

As you may or may not know, I’m going to be on a second internship this winter! This one is going to be much shorter than the last one (15 weeks instead of 30), but it sounds very fun so I’m excited. I’ll be back on the south shore of Montreal for 4 months.

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But getting a new internship means that I had to craft a resume and get through interviews once again (you can read all my interview tips here), but I also did something new this time: I had to write a cover letter. I never had to do that before, and it was my first time ever writing one (or, in my case, many). After much research and trials and errors, I think I have finally mastered the recipe to the perfect cover letter (I got the internship, so I guess that’s a good sign, haha). Not only am I sharing with you how to write a killer cover letter, but you can also get a template based on mine so you can start writing yours! View Post

As you probably know, I’ve been interning for a company in the past couple months. I’ve been living the marketing intern life since January, and it’s hard for me to believe that it’s all going to be over in a few weeks (less than 3!). Over the past few months, I’ve learned the ins and outs of being an intern, and what it takes to be the best one there is.

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Now, I’m not proclaiming myself to be the best intern ever (people at work, if you are reading this, please note that this is definitely not how I see myself!), but I do have a few tips to help you get the best experience you could imagine, most of them learned through trial and error. So, how do you become the best intern ever? With these tips!  View Post

I’ve been recently at loss with the type of content I wanted to write for the blog. As a college blogger, I always find summer to be the hardest time when it comes to creating content. I feel like we’re all so done with school and just don’t want to read anything that’s related to it. So I brought back this reader survey and asked around me in the hope that I would find ideas that resonate with me.

Surprisingly, a lot of you requested more personal posts, such as life updates and behind the scenes stuff. I have to admit that my life is not all that interesting, but I do know that I don’t open up often enough to my readers, and that’s something that I’ve been trying to change. A friend of mine suggested that I share a typical day in my life and I loved the idea! I think it can also serve as a life update since, as you may or may not know, I’ve been on an internship for the last 4 months (and still 3 months to go!). Being a marketing intern is basically the only interesting thing I’ve been doing lately. So here’s what a day in the life of a marketing intern is like!

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We’ve talked in the past about how important a resumé is for college students, and how to write a killer one, even if you think you have no experience (reminder: you DO have experience!!). Resumes are your first contact with your future employer and can determine whether or not you get an interview. It’s important to make sure you convey a strong first impression on paper, so the employer wants to see more and get to know you. But what do you put on your resume, especially when you’re a college student with next to no experience? These 9 resume boosters will help you make a strong first impression and get the interview!

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I think by now you know, but I’m currently on an internship until the end of April. I’ve written a few posts about it, but every time I get questions about the entire internship process. Trust me, I get it. Internships can be scary! But they’re also a great opportunity to work in your field before you graduate and gain some relevant experience! So, how do you find and land internships? I crafted this step-by-step guide to landing your dream internship to help you do just that!

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