4 Ways to Boost Your Concentration While Studying

If there’s one part of being a college student that I hate, it’s studying. I mean, I don’t mind going to class, learning new things, taking cute notes, organizing my planner, and all that jazz, but studying? I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. I never seem to find proper motivation, and even once I finally get over myself and dive into it, I can never concentrate for long.

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That’s why I’m so glad that Diana reached out to me with this blog post! She shares 4 ways that can help you boost your concentration while studying. As someone who can never fully concentrate while studying, I could definitely use her tips! 

Imagine a world where no one is having trouble studying. Everybody starts preparing for the exams on time, has an impeccable concentration, and no distractions. Neat, right? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Sadly, such a world does not exist. Sure, some people are capable of studying for hours without breaking a sweat, but most of us struggle to maintain concentration at a high enough level.

Well, things don’t have to be this way. For all of you who are failing at studying or want to increase your concentration, we have some great tips. So, let’s stop wasting time and jump straight into action, as one of our suggestions advises!

Stop procrastinating and act

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of studying. We tend to get nervous when finals and exams are around the corner, and instead of studying, we start delaying it until it’s too late. Well, the only viable solution is gto stop procrastinating and jump into action. I know it looks easier said than done. To ease yourself into studying, start by planning and preparing your study session. It’s always easier to get started when you know where you’re going and what to do.

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For example, you can prepare everything a week in advance and set what you need to go over each day. This way, that one big study book that you have to go through won’t seem unconquerable. In addition, by dividing lessons into smaller chunks, you will make them easier to digest, making your study sessions last longer and more efficient.

Find the right place

One thing that most people fail to understand is the importance of the place where they study. Some people have a stone-cold concentration and don’t mind the TV in the background, noise from across the street, or any other type of distraction. However, in most cases, these things will ruin your study session.

The easiest way to avoid such distractions is to go to the library or have a separate study room in your home – any kind of room that has no TV, computer, and is fairly quiet will do the trick.  Make sure to eliminate distractions! If you can manage to find the right place for studying, you will immediately see a spike in your concentration. Distractions are what kills your momentum and without them, you will be able to go on studying for hours (or at least for a little bit longer!).

Go offline

Today, everybody and their mother has a smartphone and a laptop, and even though they are a necessity in your everyday life, they will make your study sessions almost impossible. Sure, some people have an iron discipline and don’t touch their phone until they have finished studying, but we all know that this type of person is a minority. (I mean, does that type of person really exist or is it just me?)

Most of us jump at the sound of a notification coming in, and don’t let me get started on social media platforms, also known as the ultimate concentration busters!. The only – and I mean the only – way to solve this problem is to go offline. Turn off your phone, shut down your laptop, or even better, don’t bring them with you, and finally, you will have some peace and quiet to focus on the studying. Instead, use your phone as a reward during your study breaks!

Get in the zone

If you have prepared yourself, found the right place, got rid of all distractions, and you still have trouble concentrating, then the only thing left to do is to get yourself in the zone (aka the right mood to study). There are a couple of ways you can do this.

First, you can try playing some music before studying. Forget your favorite pop playlist on Spotify! Studies have shown that listening to classical music stimulates your brain, resulting in improved concentration and focus. So ditch the lyrics and go for something a little smoother so you don’t get distracted, Second, be well-rested. There is nothing worse than trying to study after a sleepless night! Trust me, all-nighters are not your friend. Third, make sure to remain healthy! You can get yourself some healthy snacks like nuts and fruits. If you don’t want to fall asleep while studying, avoid eating fast food. So, to sum it up, buy headphones and listen to classical music, get a good night’s sleep, and snack on some brain food instead of French fries (even if we all know French fries are the best).

Concentration might be hard to get around when studying, but it is crucial to ensure your success! Make sure to try one of these 4 ways to boost your concentration while studying and get ready to get your best grade ever on your next test!

Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to lifestyle, alternative medicine, and fitness. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. Follow her on Google+ and Twitter.

What do you do to help you boost your concentration while studying?