The Biggest Purchases You’ll Have to Make After Graduation

I don’t like to think about it too much, but eventually, college is going to come to an end. It might be a year away for me, but I know a lot of college bloggers (and college students in general) are graduating this year. I don’t know about you, but just the thought of having to do into the adult world is kind of scary. Hell, I’m going through it right now (even if I’m still a college student), and I can tell you, this is not easy.

With graduation comes living on your own. People don’t tell you this very often, but it takes a lot of things to furnish your first apartment. And there are a lot of big purchases that you have to plan ahead, otherwise, you’ll end up broke in no time. So what are the biggest purchases you’ll have to make after graduation? Let’s take a look. 

A car

Depending on where you’ll end up living, you’re probably going to need a car or any mean of transportation. Maybe you already own a car. If that’s the case, then you know just how much money goes into it. First, you have to buy said car. Then there’s insurance, your plates, gas, parking… and the list goes on. A car is an endless money sucker. There’s always going to be something to pay regarding your vehicle. So if you know you are going to need one after graduation, you have to plan for it.

But a car is also a great way to gain your independence. You don’t rely on anyone but yourself for transportation, and you can go basically anywhere you want, anytime. A car is a sign of adulthood and a great deal of responsibility.

A good mattress

Did you know that you spend on average one-third of your life sleeping? Isn’t that crazy? So you want to make sure you get the best sleep possible. You HAVE to invest in a good mattress! Sleep is so important when it comes to concentration, health, and general happiness! Yes, mattresses can be on the pricier side, but they’re such a great and important investment! Make sure you pick a mattress that you find comfortable and that you know you’ll be able to get good sleep on. Since sleep is such an important part of any individual’s life, you might want to take your time to choose the right one, even if means splurging a little. You can keep your mattress for years (sometimes over 10!), so it’s definitely not money thrown into the toilet.


It’s crazy how the most basics of things would never even cross your mind. If you had asked me before I moved to my own apartment what essentials I would need, dishware would probably have been at the bottom of my list. It’s something that we use on such a daily basis that I seem to have taken it for granted. How could we live without cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs, etc.? It doesn’t look that way, but those things are expensive! They can quickly add up, especially when you feel like you need to buy everything “just in case”. And you want to buy nice quality dishware because you want it to last for as long as possible.

Pro tip: If you’re going to be living alone, I suggest buying only a few of each item, and buy more if need be. You don’t need to have 8 mugs, 16 forks, or 10 plates if you’re living on your own! Buying less can definitely reduce the costs.

Pots and pans

If you cook, you know how important it is to have pots and pans. Cooking can reduce the amount of money you spend on food and takeout, and it’s more often than not the healthiest option! But in order to be able to do that, you need posts and pans. And if you didn’t know, they can be quite expensive! So you might want to start saving up for them or put them on your Christmas or birthday wishlist, especially if you want some that last for years! I suggest starting up with a few basics ones of different sizes and purchasing fancier ones as you go!

A desk

Depending on what your job is going to be, you might need to work from home from time to time. Hell, even your office is going to be at home! And as college students, we all know how it is important to have a great desk. So when you move into your first apartment, make sure you have a quality desk so you can be as productive as possible, even when you’re working from home! Find a desk that’s spacious and that has a lot of store space.

And don’t forget about the chair! The chair is just as important as the desk (if not more!). It has to be comfortable, adjustable, and ergonomic. Since you’ll probably be spending a lot of hours sitting on it, you want to make sure it’s perfect for you! If I had to splurge on something, it would definitely be my office chair!


Graduation is coming sooner than we would like to think. We have to start planning for the biggest purchases we’ll have to make after graduation as soon as possible. Make a budget, put some of those things on your wishlist, start planning! It’s not necessarily fun to think that far ahead, but you’ll be grateful when you’re all ready to move into your first apartment without having to worry about those things, trust me!

What big post-graduation purchases are you planning for?

  • Sydney // Anchored in the Sout

    I’m only just a college freshman, but there are definitely some big purchases to be making once I graduate! Gotta start saving 🙂
    xo, Syd

    • I honestly wish I had started thinking about it sooner… I graduate next year and own none of these, haha

  • Molly O’Connor

    It does take A LOT to furnish an apartment let me tell ya, especially starting at ground zero! An apartment was a big expense for me lol as was work clothes!

    • I agree! An apartment and everything that comes with it is so expensive! And I wouldn’t have thought of putting work clothes/a professional wardrobe there, but you are totally right!

  • Mattresses are so expensive. I’ve been thinking about investing in an organic mattress.

    • I know right?! But they are such an important investment to make!

  • Alyssa Larsen

    I have everything I need for an apartment already, but when I graduate a car is definitely going to be big purchase. I have one now, but I’ll honestly be surprised if it lasts through graduation!

    • Haha, well I hope you’ll get that car then! 🙂

  • Megan

    I’m honestly most excited about getting my own car! I am so done with public transport oh my gosh. And sometimes it just isn’t practical…like when I have to lug ALL my groceries off and onto the bus ugh.

    • OMG I feel you! And I also hate that you can’t just go with your own schedule. You have to adapt your schedule to the bus’s. I really want to get my own car too!

  • I just bought a new car two years after graduating…it’s been the best, but yay loans! This is spot on. I hope to move out soon from home so I can start creating more of a life on my own. 🙂

    • That’s so exciting! This is probably the first I’m going to buy once I graduate.