One of my favorite things about the holidays (besides Christmas) is the end of the year. Let me explain: I love the idea of New Year, New Me, yearly favorites and new year resolutions (although I never respect them).

Favorite Books of 2015

 In that spirit, I have decided to share with you today my favorite books of 2015. Some of them were published this year, but some of them I only discovered in 2015, even though they were released before. All of those books definitely deserved a five-star review, and here’s why.  View Post

Since I am such a TV junkie and I sort of miss doing TV recommandations, I decided to do a master post and combine all of the TV shows I watched this season into a fall TV guide! If you’re looking for any new TV recommendation to binge watch during the holidays, you might find what you’re looking for here. 🙂

Fall 2015 TV Guide

So here’s what a week looked like for me, TV-wise.  View Post

These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY. Not only was it finals week, but I had the entire month jampacked with work, papers to hand in, exams to study for and team meetings for class projects. Needless to say that I didn’t have much extra time on my hands!

But now, I can officially say that I’ve survived my first semester at uni! I’m so glad to finally have a little time to relax (two weeks is really too short) and think about something else. Since I’m not working that much and don’t have that many parties to attend during the holidays, I will have plenty of time to sleep, read, binge watch my favorite TV shows on Netflix and, of course, blog!

First Semester Recap

Since my first semester is now over, I thought of doing a small recap of the things I did wrong and right as a university student!  View Post

With midterms coming up soon, I need to relax every once in a while. Whether it is on the bus or before I go to sleep, I love to listen to music. It’s one of the best ways for me to escape and stop thinking about how crazy my life can be.

My Current Playlist #1

This is why today, I decided to share with you what’s been on my current playlist, as I have made a few discoveries.  View Post