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Amelie Boucher | Prom 2013


A Wanderer’s Adventures is a college lifestyle blog dedicated to helping young women and twenty-somethings thrive not only in college, but also in life. With over three years of college experience under my belt, I’ve been through basically every scenario possible regarding college life. I’m here to help you make the best out of your college years and help you go through adult life!

I know college can sometimes be like a roller-coaster, with multiple ups and downs. But trust me, when I say it doesn’t have to always be like this. You can conquer college and make it turn in your favor! Don’t just survive; thrive!

Think of me as your new BFF (because we’re all friends here!). I’m happy to help you figure out how to make the most out of your college years, and together, we can make this college experience the best it can be! I’m in no way an expert, but we can go through this together and learn from each other!

Why A Wanderer’s Adventures?

Initially, this blog started as a side project for the summer between CEGEP (a Quebec thing) and university, during summer 2015. I wanted to write about my adventures over the summer, hence the name. However, as it turned out, I realized that I had more knowledge in the college department and wanted to help others who, like me, had to go through this and didn’t really know how.


Amelie Boucher | A Wanderer's AdventuresSo, who’s the girl behind the blog? Well, hi, I’m Amelie! I’m a twenty-one-year-old student from Quebec, Canada. I am currently studying communications with a minor is writing at the Université de Sherbrooke. My mother tongue is French, but I’m fluent in English, as you might have guessed; I can also speak a decent Spanish and I’m slowly learning German. I was a language student in CEGEP, so I guess that explains why I can speak so many languages. However, I’d love to learn a lot more of them. I will be studying abroad at the University of Hertfordshire this fall 2017.

I’m a dreamer and reader. I also love to watch tv shows and movies and eat delicious food, probably a little more than I should. I work part-time at my local library. I also love to travel and discover new places. That’s why you will sometimes find me talking about books, my most recent Netflix obsessions, or my adventures!

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. To contact me, please email me at

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  • Hope you don’t mind, I nominated you for the Creative Blogger award 🙂 Helps me get to know the bloggers I follow too!

  • Hi Amelie! Happy to have found your blog! I absolutely LOVE your style and the name you’ve chosen! We have many things in common, I’m definitely looking forward to following you and reading more! Keep going xx

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  • Kathryn Wise

    Hi Amelie! I love your blog and have recently been working on putting together my own! Id love some advice! PLease go check it out!

    • Hi Kathryn! First things first, I would definitely consider adding a sidebar to your blog. You can show a picture, tell us a little bit about yourself+your blog, add your social media links and maybe your post popular posts or something like that. I find that this is the best first introduction your readers could get! It’ll make it easier for them to follow you and navigate your blog.

      • Kathryn Wise

        Yes I am still navigating it and trying to figure out how to do that. I’m thinking maybe blogger isn’t the best site to use but I’m not sure how to create my own

        • I used to be on and honestly it’s so user-friendly and easy to navigate! I’ve never used Blogger so I can’t really compare

        • Kathryn you should consider using a theme. They are usually 40 dollars, but SO worth it! they also give really good customisation options for blogger themes + plus great service!

          • I’m currently using a pipdig theme and I LOVE it!

          • Yes! I knew that, that’s partly why I recommended it here. I know a pipdig them when I see one, because I used to spend hours on their website thinking about what to buy back in the early months of my blog.

  • So fun! It’s nice to meet you Amelie and I can wait to read more of your blog 🙂 It’s so cool that you are learning new languages and helping girls with college life. Love it!

    • Nice to meet you too, Gina! I love learning new languages and discovering new cultures, and I hope that I can help girls with college life through my own experiences!