30 Hashtags to Generate Engagement on Instagram

Ah, Instagram. I hold a love-hate relationship with this social media platform. (As most bloggers do.) I love how visual it is and how it allows me to develop my photography skills and express my creativity, but I HATE the new algorithm. I have been struggling with growing my account for months now (probably because I don’t put that much effort into it), but one of the things that I’ve learned is the importance of hashtags. Why? Because it allows you to expose your pictures to a brand new audience! My Instagram account may have a small following (about 600 followers), but I have an engagement rate of about 20-30%, depending on the photo. How do I achieve that? By using the right hashtags!

Want more likes and comments on your Instagram pictures? Click through to find out what my 30 favorite hashtags to generate engagement on Instagram are!

Did you know that you’re allowed to use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram? And some people are using only a portion of what they are allowed! To me, it’s like saying a blogger doesn’t use only Twitter or Pinterest when they could be using both. You have to use everything you are given to ensure you get the best reach possible! I know it can look spammy to use 30 hashtags in your caption. So what I suggest is putting only a few in your actual caption, and put the rest of them in a comment. The hashtags in your caption are the ones you want people to click on and interact with the most; the rest can be put in the comments.

I also suggest switching them up every once in a while. Switching them us every once in a while allows you to expose your photos to a brand new audience. Since Instagram changed its algorithm, it has become harder and harder for influencers to get their photos seen. While this new algorithm penalizes accounts who use bots (which is a very good thing), it has also made it nearly impossible for users with a smaller following to grow their account. So my tip? Use the right hashtags for your pictures. It’s okay to use some generic, lifestyle hashtags with all of your pictures, but I also suggest using some that are more specific about what you’re posting. Travel photo? There’s a hashtag for that. Coffee shot? There’s a hashtag for that too. Honestly, I think the best way to do it is to mix it up!

But the best way to generate engagement is… to engage with other users. Interact with other people using the same hashtag. Like their pictures, leave thoughtful comments. Follow your faves if you want to! The thing is, the more you engage with others, the more likely people are to reciprocate the gesture.

So, ready for some hashtags that will boost your engagement? Here are 30 of my favorites:


This hashtag was created by one of my favorite bloggers, Helene in Between. You can use this photo for basically everything! I use this hashtag on every single one of my pictures.


The Every Girl created this hashtag, and it has become one of my favorites to use. You can use it with every lifestyle picture! The Every Girl shares pictures that can go from anything to home decor to books and recipes, so make sure to tag all of your pictures with their hashtag. And if you’re lucky enough, you might get regrammed!

#thatsdarling #darlingmovement #darlingweekend

Those three hashtags were all created by @darling! You can use it for all things and everything! As long as you can make it artsy, it belongs there!


Have some colorful pictures to share? Use #myunicornlife! This hashtag is full of colorful, artsy, and unique photos!

#abmhappylife #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmlifeiscolorful

A Beautiful Mess created a ton of hashtags for Instagram, and those are just some of my favorites (and some of the most popular ones!). You can use the ones above for basically anything you feel like fits in there. And the best part? They regram their favorites!


#flashesofdelight was created by The Glitter Guide. Just like with #theeverygirl, this hashtag is perfect for all of your lifestyle photos! And who knows, if your picture is pretty enough, you might get regrammed!


I think the name says it all. This hashtag is perfect for all of your beautifully edited, most appealing pictures.


Pictures that are very bright and crisp are perfect for this hashtag!


Any moment of life you want to document, you share with this hashtag!


This hasthag is for all things and everything. So have fun!


The creators of this hashtag wanted a way to “document the little moments of happiness even in the midst of hard things”.


This is perfect for flat lays and your perfectly edited pictures.


A Color Story is a photo editing app created by A Beautiful Mess. And while the app is really cool, you do not have to use it to share your pictures with this hashtag! I personally edit my photos using Afterlight and this hashtag is still one of my favorites to use. It’s perfect for all of your colorful pictures!


A lot of people know of VSCO Cam, another photo editing app. Well, turns out there are a lot of hashtags relating to this app! I recently discovered #vscovisuals and it is quickly turning to become one of my favorites. You don’t have to edit your pictures with this app to use the hashtag!


What makes you happy? Share it by using this hashtag!


This hashtag is perfect for anything soft, feminine… and pretty!


This hashtag can be used with any picture!


While this hashtag is mostly for travel pictures, it can also be used for lifestyle ones.

#liveauthentic #liveunscripted

Created by Folk Magazine, this hashtag has been created so you can share anything outdoorsy.


Kate Spade is the creator! It’s perfect for all colorful pictures.

#theartofslowliving #seekthesimplicity

These two hashtags can be used to share your minimalistic pictures.


This hashtag can be described in one word: color!


If you’re a photographer, I definitely recommend using this hashtag! It’s perfect for sharing portraits and professionally taken pictures.


Of course, I couldn’t write this post and not include my own hashtag! If you didn’t know, I introduced this hashtag a couple of months ago in the hopes that people would use it to find people who, just like them, are wandering through life, one adventure at a time! While the hashtag may seem travel-related, I assure you that you can use it for everything! I want to see your adventures, whether it is all the way across the world or to your favorite coffee shop. 😉 Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far:

While you’re at it, you can follow me on Instagram! 😉

What are your favorite hashtags to use on Instagram?

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