10 Reasons to Love Spring

10 Reasons to Love Spring

Spring is my second favorite season, right after fall. While I may not be as overjoyed when it arrives as I would be with its opposite, I still cannot help but smile at the thought that spring is finally here. Since we’re almost there, I thought I would share with you my top 10 reasons to love spring


1. Lighter clothes. I don’t know how it is where you live, but here in Quebec, winter is infernal. I mean, you have to wear warm and waterproof boots to walk in all the snow we receive on a regular basis, a winter coat, a scarf, mittens or gloves and a hat of some sort to fight the cold weather – and that’s only the minimum! The worst part is definitely that you have to take it all on and off all the time, which ends up being time consuming – and annoying. With spring arriving, I can finally get rid of all that stuff and start wearing sneakers and denim jackets!

2. Warmer weather. Spring is always a synonym of warmer weather, which is honestly a blessing. Warmer weather means lighter clothes, as I explained before, but it also means that it’s finally comfortable enough to stay outside without freezing to death!

3. Pastel & bright colors. While I love the deeper and richer colors that fall and winter have to offer fashion-wise and nature-wise, by the time winter is over, I’m getting sick of only wearing the same things over and over. Spring brings lighter colors, which means it’s getting warmer. I love wearing lighter tones in the new season!

4. Being outside. Like I mentioned, spring makes it finally bearable for us to stay outside and just enjoy what nature has to offer. I love going outside during the spring, with the fresher air and the warmer weather! It’s also the perfect time to start working out outside again. Leave the gym and run outside! Or you could always take a walk or get your bike out!


picture via The Odyssey Online

5. Longer lasting days. While in the fall I particularly appreciate clocks turning backwards because they give me one more hour of sleep, I always look forward to getting one more hour of sunlight in the spring. I personally lose a lot of motivation to do anything as soon as it gets dark, so the extra hour of sun (and the days starting to become longer) makes me feel more productive, and for a longer amount of time!

6. Cute clothes. Not only are the clothes lighter during that season, but they’re also cuter! It’s the perfect time to get your sundresses, denim jackets, lace tops and floral skirts out! The warmer weather calls out for lighter and more casual looks, and that’s all I’m asking for!


7. Spring is the beginning of everything. Did you know that, centuries ago, the new year began in March? Since nature started to bloom again at that time, it only felt right to begin the new year then. I don’t know why, but somehow this stuck with me. Spring feels like it’s the perfect time for new beginnings. Starting over, reinventing myself, reflecting on how things have gone so far… I feel renewed in the spring.

8. Easter. I’m not a fan of the holiday in itself. I mean, I’m not a religious person at all, so it doesn’t mean much to me. But, Easter equals chocolate! And that, my friends, is why I love it so much. Even if I’m no longer a kid, my parents always end up buying me some chocolate, because why the hell not?

9. Nature revival After being covered in inches of snow during winter, nature finally starts to live again in the spring! The grass is greener, trees start growing leaves once again, flowers bloom, the sky is more blue than ever… Nature feels alive once again, and so do I!

central park

10. More light. Last but not least. As I’ve mentioned, days last longer. But also, the sun shines brighter than ever. That means that I’m more motivated and that I finally get out of my cave room more often. And we all know that light makes much better Instagram pictures… 😉

What are your favorite things about spring?