10 Reasons to Love Fall

I am so happy to finally be able to say that fall is finally here! My favorite season has arrived!

Fall is my favorite season for several reasons. Click through to find out why autumn should be your favorite season too!

This is why today I decided to share my top 10 reasons why fall is my favorite, and hopefully I’ll make you love it too! 

1. Sweater weather. I would be lying if I told you that sweaters are not my favorite piece of clothing. Oversized sweaters and knitted cardigans make me feel comfortable and homey, and they’re also fashionable pieces. Every single year I get excited for autumn because that means I’ll finally be able to wear my sweaters again. And with my collection that is growing over the seasons, I have all the more reasons to want to get them out.

sweater weather

2. Landscapes. What I love about Quebec is the beautiful landscapes we have during fall. Leaves are changing colors and falling, trees harbor every possible shades of green, red, orange and yellow… I think nature is at its prettiest during this season.

fall landscape

3. Colors. One of the things I love the most about this season is the colors. Not only fashion-wise, but in nature too. Deeper, richer colors are what’s trending, and that’s what I like. Burgundy, charcoal, gray, orange, red, plum… these are colors I love to wear and to see!

4. Fashion trends. Fall fashion is probably my favorite. I love being able to wear jeans, sweaters, knitted cardigans, boots… all of those are staple pieces in my wardrobe that I’m only able to get out of my closet during the colder seasons. The colder weather calls for casual, cozier looks and that’s all I’m asking for!

fall fashion

5. Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate has to be the only hot drink that I like. I don’t drink coffee, not even pumpkin spiced latte, and I barely even drink tea, so hot chocolate is really the only hot drink that I enjoy drinking. With the colder weather slowly returning, that means I can finally start drinking my favorite beverage once again.

cold mornings, hot drinks ☕️

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6. TV show season. As you might have guessed, I’m a TV junkie. Sadly, while summer is the time when I have the most time on my hands, there aren’t that many TV shows airing during that season. All of the good ones return in autumn, and I’m always waiting for them patiently! Usually, starting mid-September, my favorite TV shows start to come back, and I finally feel like my life makes sense again.

7. Apple recipes. I love homemade meals. But what I love even more is homemade desserts. I may not like eating apples just like that, but I love everything apple-flavored! (Weird, I know) I love cooked apples. Apple sauce, apple crisp, apple pie… the list goes on! Fall is probably the time of the year when my parents cook the most, and I’m definitely not complaining!

8. Staying indoors. The chilly weather outside calls for lazy mornings and late nights covered under tons of warm blankets, watching movies or TV shows on Netflix or reading a good book. During summer, it’s always way too hot to do that without dying of heat stroke, so I’m always impatiently waiting for fall to creep back into my habits! I love staying indoors way more than being outdoors, so I’m always glad to have a good reason to do so!

9. Soup. I know that may seem like a weird reason, but who doesn’t love a boiling hot soup on a cold day? Or even better, chicken noodle soup when you’re feeling sick? That nothing that makes me feel better than a bowl of hot soup when the weather is chilly. It makes me feel warm, homey. I love the ones my parents make (whether it’s vegetable soup, minestrone or a potage), but I also love me some chicken noodle soup straight  from a can!


10. Turning clocks backwards. I know it doesn’t seem that extraordinary in itself, but don’t you guys know what that means? More sleep! 😀 And we all know how desperate for sleep we are, especially during mid-semester exams and finals